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We get it, you want to Start/Restart and scale your Trading and Investing...
We are here to help you along the way! You are not alone. Many investors and traders start with either zero knowledge or half-knowledge and along the way get overwhelmed. It is more common than you think. That is why we came up with an amazing solution. The 7 Day challenge. It gives you a super-strong foundation and takes you on a 7-day journey spending just 60 to 90 minutes with us along the way we bridge the gaps in your learning leaving no stone unturned. By the end of the 7th day, you are clear and have a systematic process to follow through to pick your quality stocks to buy, how to manage them, where and when to sell them, etc. 

Who is this for?
This is perfect for a beginner or an amateur investor. 
This is also perfect for an aspiring investor.
This is perfect for an investor who has not been successful.
This is perfect for an investor who hasn't met their 2022 goals as they are missing pieces of the puzzle

What This Challenge helps you achieve?
  • How To Find Highly Profitable and Probable Stock Opportunities
  • How To Research, Analyse and Validate Your Stock
  • 3 Ways to analyse a stock deep dive
  • When To Buy and When To Sell
  • How To Read Chars Like a Professional
  • How To Leverage using Options
  • How To Understand Financial Press
  • How To Place Orders to Enter, Exit in Profit and To Minimise Loss
  • How To Minimise Risk of Losing and Maximise Your Returns
  • How To Plan For Profits using Battle Tested Strategies
  • How To Find a Best Broker
  • Which software to use both Paid and FREE
  • How To Avoid Blunders
  • Learn not only about stocks but also about options
  • Plus Much much more
Why This Works?!
Sankar, your presenter has 33 plus years of Investing and Trading experience. Based on his decades of experience, Sankar has developed a time-tested methodology that everyone can use in a systematic step-by-step way. Irrespective of who uses it the results will be identical. What you will learn in this course will help you to avoid a ton of mistakes, and save a ton of money that otherwise you might end up losing a lot of money due to endless mistakes. Our methodology ensures you have all the missing pieces of the investing puzzle!

What is Covered in 7 Days!

Simply Show up for 60 to 90 Min Each Day

Day 1 - Foundation Day

  • What is Investing
  • Multiple ways to make money from Inve$ting
  • What is Stock Market
  • How Markets work
  • How To Read Balance Sheet
  • Vocabulary of the markets
  • Why Rich become rich
  • Much more...

Day 2 - Opportunities Spotting Day

  • How To Find Ever Green Opportunities
  • How To Find it in under 5 minutes
  • How To Validate Your Idea

Day 3 - Building Money Muscles Day

  • How To Use The Bottom-Up Approach
  • How To Know Whether it is the RIGHT TIME To Buy Sell or Hold

Day 4 - Strategy Building Day

  • How To Use Support and Resistances
  • ​How To Use Peaks and Valleys
  • How Use Trendlines
  • How To Use Volume
  • ​How To Use Selective Indicators to MAKE MONEY work for you

Day 5 - Protecting Your Wealth Day

  • Trade Management
  • ​Risk Management
  • ​Money Management

Day 6 - Building and Growing Your Wealth Day

  • Mind Management
  • Building and Growing Your Wealth Plan

Day 7 - Acceleration Day

  • Putting It All Together
  • Live Q&A
❌ You want to analyse a stock to trade or invest but there is so much information you don't know what to believe what to use feel over whelmed and miss out the opportunity
❌ Somehow you manged to figure out by listening to someone on TV or reading in the press you get into the trade and market goes down you feel trapped getting headache with the controversial voices around you some asking to sell some asking you to hold, you start thinking wish you haven't bought it in the first place.
❌ Imagine you buy the stock, you liked it so much you put all your money into it and a week later stock drops 20% in one day now you are panicking not knowing what to do next
❌ You believe stock market is meant to make money work for you instead you are seeing stress, overwhelm and sea of red with losses in your portfolio but only getting worse day by day causing you sleeplessness!

Or you can be happy Like...
✅ You have a systematic framework that guides you without stress and confusion but clarity.

✅ You are in control of your portfolio, You know when to buy, when to sell when to hold

✅ Imagine your portfolio with growing number of green shoots and you are relaxed about the future knowing your future is working for you!

You got this! You are in charge of this simple decision that could be your very best investment for the year! A Best investment in getting the right skills in the right order before risking a penny in the market! LEARN BEFORE YOU EARN!

Sankar Sharma
Here's What You'll Get 
When You Join The Challenge

7 Day 7 Trainings
Gives You All The Missing pieces of the Market puzzle!

(Value: $1497)

Life Time Access. Consume on daily basis on your schedule on demand! Released 1 training per day 60 min to 90 min duration! Complete the training and homework with sincerity before moving to the next module.

Private Q&A Session With The Mentor

(Value: $197)

Join the group coaching to get your questions answered in person! You can also send us emails of your questions as you get them when doing the course. Our instructors will get back you within 2 working days! You are never too far from receiving help and suppprt!

Training Materials And Workbooks

(Value: $597)

All the training materials will be made available in your own private member area secured by dedicated credentials only you will know!

Fast Action Bonus 1

Special Invite to Masterminds

(Value: $497)

We run regular masterminds and you will get a special invite to attend these at a discounted price! 

Fast Action Bonus 2

Special Invites to Summits

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Special Discounted tickets for the Trading and Investing Summits to keep you up to date with the latest trends and strategies!

Fast Action Bonus 3

Special Access To TradeFinder

(Value: $497)

After successfully finishing the challenge we will invite you to test-drive our proprietary trade finder software that helps you to find risk-asset quality stocks in under 1 min. You will get access to it for $7 to use it on us for 1 week and make money! 

Total Value: $3,782

Normal Price: $997

Early Bird Special: $97

Here's What Other Challengers Are Saying..

Amazing 7 Days learnt so much in such a short term. This course should have been $997 not $97. Impressive - Jon
WOW! I am bowled over did not expect the surprise bonus that was priceless Thank you Sankar and Team! - Sarwan
Never realised that I had so many missing links in my knowledge and understanding of the markets. I am glad I enrolled - Julie

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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I can't attend any of the days?
We designed this keeping busy people like your self in mind! We got you covered. Everyday we release on important step of the trading and investing training. We request you to complete each day of the course on the same day. Complete the exercise same day so that you can keep up the momentum.
What if I got questions as I am going through the content?
We provide you with email support that helps you to send out questions as they arise on your mind and our team will get back to you with reply directly from our top coach or from Sankar him self!
What if I don't understand part of the training?
Once in a month we get together where you can get your questions answered in person! How is that?

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