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 Just Join The LIVE 7-Day Investing & Trading Challenge
To Learn & Make Your Money Work For You!
Even If Markets are Crashing!

JUST Join The LIVE 7-Day Investing Challenge
 To Learn & Make Your Money Work For You!
Even If Markets are Crashing!

Here is Why You Need To Join This Now!..

Why This Challenge Now?!

Many People are novices to the market and are losing a lot of money due to bad decision making, not knowing market structure, and not knowing the right investing and trading skills so we felt it is our responsibility to help you PROTECT, BUILD AND GROW Your Wealth by giving you the skills you want and need. We want you to sleep better.
How Would You Like Us To Hold Your Hand As You Start/Restart Your Trading or Investing or both?

We get it, you want to Start/Restart and scale your Trading and Investing...
We are here to help you along the way! You are not alone. Many investors and traders start with either zero knowledge or half knowledge and along the way get over whelmed. It is more common than you think. That is why we came up with an amazing solution. The 7 Day challenge. It gives you super strong foundation and takes you a 7 day journey spending just 60 to 90 minutes with us along the way we bridge the gaps in your learning leaving no stone unturned. By the end of the 7th day you are clear and have a systematic process to follow through to pick your quality stocks to buy, how to manage them, where and when to sell them etc. 

During The 7-Day Challenge 

You'll learn all about...

  • How To Find Highly Profitable and Probable Stock Opportunities
  • How To Research, Analyse and Validate Your Stock
  • 3 Ways to analyse a stock deep dive
  • When To Buy and When To Sell
  • How To Read Chars Like a Professional
  • How To Leverage using Options
  • How To Understand Financial Press
  • How To Place Orders to Enter, Exit in Profit and To Minimise Loss
  • How To Minimise Risk of Losing and Maximise Your Returns
  • How To Plan For Profits using Battle Tested Strategies
  • How To Find a Best Broker
  • Which software to use both Paid and FREE
  • How To Avoid Blunders
  • Learn not only about stocks but also about options
  • Plus Much much more


 Learn From The BEST and Nothing LESS!

No One is born with the Investing and Trading Skills! It can be learned.
Market Takes Money Away From the Novice! 
Market Rewards The Learned
" I help individuals and institutions spot opportunities and manage risk so that they can build wealth and grow clientele in abundance "
- Sankar Sharma The Creator of '3R Methodology(TM)', 
A hexagonal framework for trading and investing domination!
A unique way to crush the markets! 


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Here is What People are Saying about the event...

Get every detail about how to invest and trade the right way!

While in the session I tried one of the strategies and made enough money to pay for the course and joined the course. Must attend for everyone.
- Patryk
Awesome session. I learnt so much from Sankar's session. Excellent indeed 
- Jon
Initially I was sceptical but after the event joined his course. Since, applying his strategies I trebled my portfolio in 2020 and doubled it in 2021. I can only sing praises all day long 
- Sarwan
There is no fluff and so much content it is incredible
- Neil

Here's What Other Challengers Are Saying..

Amazing 7 Days learnt so much in such a short term. This course should have been £997 not £97. Impressive - Jon
WOW! I am bowled over did not expect the surprise bonus that was priceless Thank you Sankar and Team! - Sarwan
Never realised that I had so many missing links in my knowledge and understanding of the markets. I am glad I enrolled - Julie

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We do not issue refunds or deal with cancellations. We want only serious and committed students. We are committed in delivering high value and quality content. We are committed. If you have any doubts about committing to the course then you must not take this offer.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I can't attend any of the days?
We designed this keeping busy people like your self in mind! We got you covered. Everyday we release on important step of the trading and investing training. We request you to complete each day of the course on the same day. Complete the exercise same day so that you can keep up the momentum.
What if I got questions as I am going through the content?
We provide you with email support that helps you to send out questions as they arise on your mind and our team will get back to you with reply directly from our top coach or from Sankar him self!
What if I don't understand part of the training?
Once in a month we get together where you can get your questions answered in person! How is that?

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